All the financial dealings of your company must be fully compliant with current laws and regulations. Our team have deep experience and knowledge of the latest developments and regulations in this area.

Key services
Our team give you the peace of mind of and security of knowing that your financial transactions are being conducted legally.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is the overarching set of regulations which ensure the flow of money into and out of any company is not being hijacked for illegal purposes.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines are a significant element of AML regulations. We ensure you are able to verify the identity and suitability of any client with whom you do business.

Why Linnear
We have the expertise and technology to oversee all our corporate clients’ processes and ensure the appropriate checks are made.

I rarely leave feedback, but the amazing support we got from our account manager Nicholas Campion was amazing. He is always attentive to our needs, providing accurate and timely information, and works hard to fulfil our requests as soon as possible. Director – Retail – October 2020