Employee Share Plans

One of the most compelling benefits any company can offer its staff is shares in their company. This is proven to increase the loyalty of staff and the ability to attract new staff. Linnear’s team can manage the introduction, communication and ongoing administration of a variety of share plans.

Key services
The administration of employee share plans can be time consuming. We take care of the following steps:

  • Grant of awards and communication with participants
  • Reconciliation and reporting of awards
  • Processing of lapses and early leavers
  • Recalculation of awards
  • Communication of vesting and release/maturity choices
  • HMRC annual filing of share plan statistics

Why Linnear
Share plans align your people with your business goals and allow the whole team to share in the company’s success. Linnear’s ability to oversee the smooth operation of your plans is a significant benefit to your business.

Thank you for your excellent support during this difficult time, particularly in helping us meet our crucial, stringent deadlines. Hopefully our future requirements will be less urgent!Procurement Manager –Tech Company - November 2020