Overseas client

We were contacted by a client based in Hong Kong who was seeking to provide an intermediary service to their own portfolio of clients wherein they would redomicile their companies into the UK, so as to avoid the ongoing disruption and instability the jurisdiction has encountered.

The client had never formed a company in the UK before, and first needed to gain an understanding and seek assistance for the new jurisdiction. Through this, the client came across our services. Due to the nature of his work, and the special nature of his requirements, we opened a new account for the client and provided them with a dedicated account manager to ensure the ease of establishing new entities. As part of his new operation, the client needed to set up their own company domiciled in the UK. Our well-established and finely-tuned incorporation facilities enabled the client’s company to be formed in just 24 hours. As a result of our work to establish his company, and to develop a bespoke arrangement for his requirements, the client is now able to offer a first class and highly efficient intermediary service to his own clients.


Due to political and jurisdictional instability in Hong Kong, we were contacted by an intermediary and asked if we could assist on the redomiciliation of one of their clients’ companies into the UK. Our client had never formed a company in the UK and was, therefore, unfamiliar with the processes and requirements. We were able to react quickly and immediately allocate the client a dedicated account manager who was able to support them through the process. Our efficient processes allowed the companies to be created quickly and easily and as a result our client is confident and able to offer an extended service to his existing portfolio of clients who are looking to redomicile in the UK.


Services provided:

  • Redomiciliation


  • Client portfolio redomiciled
  • Client now has a good understanding of UK requirements
  • We are first point of contact for future redomiciliation requests