Sports client

Our client initially approached us needing help to form their new company, which would operate within the sporting industry. We were able to establish the company within just 24 hours.

  • We were contacted by a client seeking to establish a new entity within the sporting industry
  • Established the new company within 24 hours
  • Approached us shortly after incorporating, requiring a number of structural changes
  • We would end up being appointed as secretary
  • Their business necessitated bringing in overseas labour (visa licence required)
  • Approached for help with application – we provided all documentation we could, and arranged further registrations (including VAT and PAYE) to help meet their application requirements


Based on their previous experience with us, we were contacted to form a new company that would operate within the sporting industry. There were a number of structural changes to the company that included the introduction of a new majority shareholder. The new company was established within 24 hours and as the newly appointed company secretary, we were able to facilitate the process smoothly and efficiently. Due to the nature of the business, there was also a business requirement to recruit overseas labour to work in the UK and, therefore, the appropriate visas and licences were required. As secretary, we were able to supply the relevant information to support their applications and also assisted in the further registrations (including PAYE and VAT)

Services provided

  • Company restructure
  • Company formation
  • Company secretary
  • Application and registration


  • Compliant company structure
  • Appointment of an experienced company secretary